Our service offerings

How we help you express yourself

Ready to take your business online? Want an elevated brand experience? Have an existing website or brand that needs a refresh? We understand how daunting taking that first step can be, and we're here to make it as easy, painless, and comprehensive as possible. Check out all the details below.

Website Design

Build a hub for clients to discover and experience your brand, and let the world know what you're all about! Your website is not only where first impressions happen, it's a portal to success.

Depending on the nature of your website, we will determine the best content management system for your needs. While we primarily work with WordPress, some e-commerce projects are better suited for Shopify. Our project proposals are custom tailored to your unique requirements and goals.

There's no need to choose between a strategic website and an attractive one; As we cleverly align your brand strategy into visuals, we keep best practices, purposeful engagement, and your longterm goals front of mind.

The Details

Discovery + strategy
We provide an in-depth client questionnaire, in conjunction with our own research, to ensure we hit the nail on the head when it comes to understanding your needs, brand, industry, and audience.
Website Content
You are responsible for providing all copy, content, and photography for your website. This needs to be provided before the build can begin.

If you require copywriting or stock imagery, check out our list of add-ons below. Read about the importance of quality website photography here.
CMS + Hosting
Depending on the needs of your project we will determine if WordPress or Shopify is the right content management platform for you.

We provide hosting and domain name services as part of our WordPress builds. Shopify is self-hosted.
Design + Development
Our website package includes a home page and 4 additional pages, with up to two revisions. Additional pages and functionality/special features will be determined at the onset of the project and outlined in the initial scope of work.

All good things take time – we will not accomodate rush jobs.
Post-Launch Support
All websites include 30 days of post-launch support. We will provide you with an optional screen recording of how to use the backend of your site. Our websites are built intuitively, allowing you to easily take the reigns – however we offer maintenance packages so you don’t have to! Check out Add-Ons below.
We believe if it can be an email, it should be. Thirty minutes of client call time is included in both the Design phase and the Development phase as needed. Additional call time may be provided at an extra cost.
  • Short-form and long-form copywriting services for your website
  • Recurring blog content not included
Stock Imagery
  • Curated stock image selections for your website
Hosting & Domain Services
  • Included with WordPress builds
  • Recurring annual fee (or can be pre-paid in advance)
Monthly Maintenance
  • Monthly updates vital to keeping your site secure and working properly
  • Up to 5 hours of content updates and critical fixes per month
  • Does not include storefront management.
  • WordPress builds only
  • Billed monthly or annually
Per-case Maintenance
  • Website maintenance as needed, billed hourly

Brand Identity

Dreaming of a beautiful brand but don't know where to start? Maybe you already have a clear brand strategy and just need the assets to bring it to life - whatever the case may be we're here to set you up with an effective, personalized brand identity.

A brand is more than visuals; it's a gut feeling. Potential customers can make up their mind about you within seconds, based on a visceral feeling. This is why a unique, recognizable, and distinct brand is so important.

The Details

Brand Strategy
Your brand strategy defines who you are, what you do, and why it matters. Your brand identity is how you visually communicate these principles.

If you don’t already have a solid strategy in place, we’ll help you lay the foundation via a series of strategic questions.
Inspiration Collaboration
Through a combination of discovery questions and collaborative mood-board building, we work together to uncover your preferred brand aesthetic.
Colour Palette
Our branding package includes a custom colour palette of 4-6 brand colours.
We will present three initial logo concepts for your consideration. Based on your feedback, we will edit your favourite of the three until you love it! Up to three rounds of revisions are included. Our logo package includes a primary logo, secondary logo, and a submark, with up to three colour variations. KEEP IT SIMPLE, SAILOR! This design principle is seen in some of the most recognizable, iconic brands today. Please note we do not provide 3D or excessively illustrative logo services.
Brand identity includes a type system, defining header, sub-header, and body fonts used for print and web applications in conjunction with your logo.
Brand Guidelines
Once all assets have been approved and finalized we compile them into a Brand Guide.

Your Brand Guide documents and defines your brand’s tone, strategy, colour palette, type system, and logo variations. This document functions as a point of reference to ensure consistency across all future applications of your brand.
Print Collateral
  • Print collateral such as business cards, letterheads, stickers, and more.
Packaging Design
  • Carry your brand identify into your custom product packaging.


Technology and aesthetics evolve rapidly in the world of web. What was considered cutting edge a few years ago, may now be outdated or incompatible with contemporary standards. It could be time for a glow-up!

If you already have a website but it isn't getting the results you desire, our UX/UI audits are intended to find out why, and present tangible solutions. A good user experience (UX) should ensure your website is intuitive, user-friendly, and aligned with the needs of your target audience. Your user interface (UI) encompasses all the visual elements that contribute to this experience.

The Details

Mini UX Audit
Our Mini UX/UI audit is complimentary with no obligation!

All we need is your website address, and we will review the overall user experience and interface. We compile our findings into a document along with suggested next steps.
In-Depth UX Audit
Our In-Depth UX Audit dives deep into every aspect of your website’s experience. This includes the user journey, interface, design and accessibility best practices, and basic SEO principles. We deliver a full report along with suggested fixes.

If you would like us to make changes to your website based on our findings, we will require access to the backend of your website in order to determine the feasibility.
Design Refresh
A design refresh improves upon what you already have! Maybe you know your website is outdated but you’re not ready to start from scratch, or you have some new ideas you’ve been sitting on. We assess the feasibility of a refresh on a case-by-case basis. Some cases may be better suited to a full redesign depending on the platform and state of the backend of the website.
Full Redesign
A full redesign can apply to either your website or branding. Similar to our primary Design Packages, we customize our project parameters to your existing web content and/or branding assets. Contact us today for further details!

Our Process

We aim to make our proccesses as clear and transparent as possible.
Questions? Find answers on our FAQs page
Step 1


Once you submit an initial inquiry we'll follow up with a discovery email or video call to gain further insight and see if we're a good match. This is followed by an intake questionnaire in order to compile an accurate proposal.
Step 2


You'll gain access to our client portal where everything for your project is easily accessible in one place. This helps avoid lost files, unnecessary emails, and general confusion!
Step 3


Here we deep-dive into your wants, needs, desires, and goals via our service-specific questionnaires, and collaboration tools.
Step 4


In this stage designs are presented and feedback is welcomed! Each service item has an allotted amount of revisions.
Step 5


This is the time we take to bring your designs to life and build your website / compile your branding assets into their final forms.
Step 6


Once final approvals have been given, your site or brand is ready to go live! We will povide all final assets, logins, and documentation as needed.